Why Mezzanine Safety Pallet Gates, Personnel Safety Gates and Barriers?

Mezzanine safety pallet gates, personnel safety gates, and mezzanine barriers are crucial to the safety of employees working on mezzanine flooring or platforms. They provide protection from falling hazards when loading and unloading pallets and whilst working at height. There are many forms of edge protection including mezzanine floor gates, pallet gates, loading gates, and fixed mezzanine handrails and barriers.  

Mezzbarriers is a leading provider of safety access solutions for mezzanine and raised work areas, providing a comprehensive range of efficient and cost-effective safety access equipment and all manufactured in the UK. Solutions allow factory and warehouse workers, whose responsibilities include the loading and unloading of pallets onto mezzanine floors or raised working platforms to work safely and efficiently. The range of solutions includes simple safety pallet gates for a mezzanine through to more complex loading gates for high-level doorways.

DLH Online (Dale Lifting & Handling) offers eight different Mezzbarrier pallet gate models in a range of standard sizes and bespoke builds to suit any application, whether that be mezzanine floors, platforms, loading docks, or high-level door openings. The gateway solutions include models for low headroom, high loads, extra-wide loads, extra-deep loads, and confined spaces. The range also includes pedestrian self-closing gates and safety handrail and barrier systems.

All mezzanine and raised openings must meet the latest ISO standard for safety. The BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016 standard requires that all platform openings over 500mm higher than floor level MUST have a dual safety pallet gate system, to prevent personnel from falling through the unprotected opening. The dual pallet gate systems for use on the mezzanine and raised floor platforms are designed to surround and protect any raised area being used for loading and unloading by forklift or hoist in the following locations:

  • Mezzanine floors
  • High-level hoist loading platforms
  • Loading docks
  • High-level openings
  • High-level roller shutters
  • High-level inward opening doors
  • Bag or Sack handling process platforms

Mezzbarrier pallet and floor gates offer safe, easy access to your raised mezzanine storage. DLH Online provides a wide variety of business sectors, industrial, commercial, warehousing, and retail with the right solution for their needs, whether that be a standard or bespoke solution. Working with our experienced team ensures you get the correct solution for your working environment and also meet regulatory requirements.

Innovative edge protection is built into our designs, offering robust, stable, and secure solutions that allow you to make the most of raised overhead storage areas such as mezzanine flooring, covering exposed opening points, and providing fail-safe protection for workers. We also offer bespoke floor and pallet gates solutions that match your requirements precisely, all tailored to make your operations more efficient and safer.

We provide the complete package including vital components such as safety handrails and complete handrail kits that protect employees working at different levels. The DLH Online stair handrail kits make the installation process much easier by providing you with pre-assembled guardrails, platform configurations, machine protectors, and a lot more, in one simple package and work for hand in hand with our gate and barrier solutions. Reduce the time you spend assembling and installing your safety equipment by contacting DHL Online for all your mezzanine and raised platform solutions.

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