Four ways to improve your warehouse storage Solutions

Invest in stacking and nesting

Basic storage can be rigid in form and restrictive; however, by investing in the right products such as euro plastic stacking containers that stacks and nest, you can protect your goods whilst making efficient use of valuable warehouse space. When not in use, they nest inside each other, reducing their stacking size by up to 75%, saving valuable space both in warehousing and during transportation.

Nesting capability doesn’t negate stacking strength. The storage stays strong, and the specialist heavy duty range provides added support.

Make the most of the space you’ve already got

Most businesses can reclaim valuable space by making more efficient use of what’s already there. This can mean rearranging the floorplan, but also making the most of vertical space by introducing efficient stacking systems. This is particularly useful for wholesales and manufacturing  companies such as Till Roll manufacturers who hold a lot of stock

Expanding upwards instead of outwards means you can fit more products and materials in the same amount of floor space. It can also save on distance travelled for warehouse operatives and product, some smart planning and investment in quality stacking solutions can generate new space without a costly move or expansion.

Smart organisation

Warehousing can often mean striking a balance between keeping products together but separate. We recommend colour-coded stacking solutions to make goods easy to locate and segregate.

Alison Handling’s products are available in various specialist sector ranges to which can keep perishables safe, with heavy-duty lines to manage larger and bulkier items, and eco ranges which off an affordable option when basic stacking is enough.

Factor in manoeuvrability

Smart storage requires accessibility, meaning goods and products must be as easily moved as stored. Our storage solutions sit neatly with our own manufactured dollies that have heavy-duty castors, creating a tight turning circle and leaving no corner of your warehouse inaccessible. These dollies can also be colour coordinated to match storage boxes and containers.

And whilst you are thinking about colour coordination, you could always invest in some new industrial mats for your business

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