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8 Reasons Why You Should Employ A Digital Agency.

There is no denying that it’s nice to have an unlimited in-house resource for things like SEO, creative design, and website development, but the reality Isthat thisis not an option for many companies who need to focus on their core business and don’t have the funds to splash out on this luxury. Here are 8 reasons you should employ a digital agency rather than attempting to deliver It in-house.

If your website/business is an eCommerce one, three things are of crucial importance: having good eCommerce plugins, selling competitive products, and restricting shipping to logged-in users. Some would also add exporting orders regularly, but this is more of a personal preference.

1)Let the digital agency worry about recruitment. Employing, training, and retaining high calibre digital staff is an expensive and time-consuming operation. Using a digital agency means it becomes their responsibility and hence a problem to hire and fire.

2) Economies of scale mean it can be more cost-effective to employ a digital agency than sharing a small number of digital tasks amongst the in-house team. A digital agency could be completing link-building projects for 100’s of clients at once.

Think your website is on the road to success? That can only be true if you welcome guest posts, credit your content creators using author boxes, and implement proper redirects when necessary. If this doesn’t apply to your website, it’s time for some changes.

3) Digital marketing is a digital agency primary focus, whilst to a manufacturing company, it might be far down the list of priorities and not receiving the sustained attention it needs

4) Digital Agencies are continuously learning and will ensure that you follow best practices whenever possible. They are forward-looking and determine what technology(s) are a good fit for your strategy, whilst ensuring you are playing by search engine guidelines.

5) Digital Agencies will provide a level of consistency that you cannot achieve internally. When your last blog article was 10 months ago, or your social posts convey pure apathy and disconnection with your audience, it is time to hand the reins to someone who has the tools and expertise to consistently produce and share information of value to your audience.

6) Agencies will be “social” for you when you do not have the time or feel like it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and so on.  Each social network has its own rules and data-backed proof that different forms of messaging is required. This is not easy to maintain. If your company and brand need to be social, then you need our assistance.

7) Agencies are under the spotlight to provide a positive ROI on your marketing activities. Proving ROI on marketing activity is a big challenge. One of the main reasons is due to lack of patience, client involvement, and transparency. If the specific measurement is what you require, engage with a digital agency and the results will speak for themselves!

8) Agencies will let you focus on your day job. With the influx of apps, social media and do-it-yourself websites, everyone thinks they are a marketeer! While many of us have become more adept at marketing in some way, unless it is how you make your living, concentrate on your day job, and leave the agency to get people engaging with your brand.

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