3 Tools For Running a Cold Outreach Campaign

The power of outreach is not dead and there are tons of benefits of running a cold outreach campaign. You could find new linking opportunities for SEO, partner with new collaborators, find a potential customer, get press for your company, and so much.

You just never know what might come about when you run a cold outreach campaign for your company.

What is Cold Outreach?

Cold email outreach is when you email people you are not acquainted with or have never worked with before in an effort to find new opportunities. Some people will run specific cold outreach campaigns designed to find guest posting opportunities, link exchanges, or more. But there are so many potential benefits from running a cold outreach campaign, like some of the ideas I mentioned above.

I’ve run cold outreach campaigns that resulted in me appearing on new podcasts and gaining a ton of new followers on social media.

If you can craft a great pitch and hit the right targets, a cold outreach campaign can do a ton of great things for you and your company.

What are some tools you can use during your cold outreach campaign?

So what do you need to run a cold outreach? Well, you don’t need much, but there are some things that can help you make it a success.

1 An email finding tool.

Finding emails to reach out to during your cold email outreach campaign is (possibly) the most important part of the process and can take up the most time, if you don’t have the right tool.

Luckily for you, there’s a great tool called that can help you find all of the email addresses you need. uses Machine Learning and A.I. algorithms to find the right email so you don’t waste any time and you know your emails won’t bounce.

You can get anyone’s email in seconds just by registering and using this great software.

You can even use it for free each month if you need 10 or less credits. If you need more credits, their packages start at $49 a month for 300 credits, all the way up to $399 a month for 10,000 credits. has been used by Oracle, IBM, Google, Shopify, Monster, and more so you know it’s good. They can help you kickstart your cold outreach campaign by helping you find the emails you need.

2 A spreadsheet.

You’ll need to stay organized during your cold email outreach campaign and a simple spreadsheet is the way to go.  Track all of the emails, names, publications, date you sent email, and more on a spreadsheet so you’ll have all of the information available to you.

It’s important to track everything so you can gauge success and make improvements as necessary.

3 A email extension to track email open rates.

Tracking how many of your emails have been opened is important when doing any sort of email outreach campaign. It can give you an idea on the success rate of your project and make sure your emails are being delivered and read.

That’s it! You’re ready to go!

You should be ready to go when it comes to running your new cold email outreach campaign. Just write up your emails and track everything in your new fancy spreadsheet so you can stay on top of everything.

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